Home for 2016

Home.  It’s a foreign word to Cailyn and me.  It’s a word that has eluded us the last year.  It’s a word we know so well from before, and one we are excited to experience very soon.  Home, for us that is going to be Antofagasta, Chile, from February 2016 into the indefinite future. As […]

All for a Silly Sticker

Sometimes dealing with foreign governments can be a real challenge. Cailyn and I recently dealt with the Ecuadorian government, and while it was a challenge, we were able to see a big victory. The following story takes place over 9 different visits to the immigration office in Quito, Ecuador. Toward the end of August, Cailyn […]


The very first. That is a special thing. We have first steps, first birthdays, first kisses, first anniversaries. Special. And then there are the collective firsts. And those too, are special. I realized recently that there is a really big first worth celebrating. Chile, in South America, has sent its very first Nazarene missionaries, and […]

Why I Do What I Do

I recently told my story of the five and a half years I have spent as a missionary in South America to a friend. When I am being very honest, with no rose-colored glasses or positive spins, I would have to say that I have not had very much success. As a 40/40 in Peru, […]

NOW, Where in the World Are We?

It is always incredibly hard to begin typing after a long absence from the blog, because I feel guilty for not writing more often, and because it has been so long that I just don’t know where to begin. The last time we updated you, we were about to embark upon our move to Ecuador […]